Food Grade Soybeans

LAC is a market leader in food grade soybeans. We offer contracts for identity preserved, mixed White Hilum, and Dark Hilum varieties. We only buy the best quality soybeans from producers. We have a stringent quality control process. You can count on LAC for a wide selection of Non-GMO, identity preserved, food grade, soybeans.


All producers must grow certified seed and show proof of purchase of the seed. The producer must follow a planting and harvesting protocol. On delivery all beans are graded for purity and colour and a random samples are tested to confirm non-GMO status.

Identity Preserved

Selected growers are required to grow only identity preserved soybeans in a specified area of their farm. All planting and harvesting equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to planting and harvesting. Fields must be kept weed free and inspected during the growing season. Any container or truck used for shipping identity preserved soybeans is to be thoroughly checked for any leakage or damage problems and thoroughly inspected for cleanliness prior to loading.

CIPRS Program

Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS)

Canada has maintained an enviable reputation for supplying domestic and world markets with safe, high quality grains, oilseeds, and pulses. In a marketplace with ever increasing demands for unique product specifications and traceability, there are many new opportunities for agricultural products. A key factor in capitalizing on these opportunities is industry's ability to deliver products with better quality assurance systems. Although industry is taking the lead in implementing these systems, the Canadian Grain Commission has developed a new voluntary pilot program to oversee and officially recognize those programs in order to maximize their acceptance in global markets. The Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System is a new tool the industry can use to provide third party assurance of the processes they are using to deliver the specific quality attributes their domestic and international buyers are demanding.

Further information is available on the Canadian Grain Commission Web site.